Morning Hours: 

Monday - Saturday ( 9 am – 12 pm )

Evening Hours:

Monday - Thursday ( 5 pm – 8 pm )

Kids' Club Rules

No small items allowed in room, for example coins, balls, small toy gum and candy.

In order to keep the Kids' Club as clean as possible, please remove your children's shoes before entering.

Due to allergies, there are no snacks allowed. Drinks must be in bottles or sippy cups. Please label.

Kids' Club is for children of members only. Friends and other family members are not allowed and a parent must be in the building at all times.

Kids' Club Team Members are not responsible for bottle feeding or changing diapers. A parent will be called when diaper change is necessary.

If your child is sick, please keep them home. If a child is visibly sick or becomes ill, they will need to be taken home.

If your child is jeopardizing the safety of others, they will need to be taken home.

If your child is crying for more than 10 minutes, you will be called to console them.

Note: Fee is $3.00 per child and $1.50 for each sibling. Fee cover a maximum of 2 hours of care.

(Over 2 hours of care will result in an additional charge).